Welcome to WHOSH.NET


That's the collective name for around 250 Luton fans who are subscribed to the WHOSH email list.

WHOSH (pronounced Whooooosh!) is for supporters of Luton Town FC who have Internet access. Hundreds of members distributed around the world are able to keep up with the latest news from Kenilworth Road using email, conferencing and WWW technologies. The contact made through the Internet has resulted in meetings of kindred spirits in New York, Brisbane and many other distant venues. 

WHOSH also supports the club financially. The club shop contents are visible on the Web and overseas ordering has risen dramatically since WHOSH was started (Dec 92) as have programme subscriptions that go abroad. Joining WHOSH is free but members may opt into a fantasy league for a small subscription which is used to sponsor players. The fantasy league is based on Luton matches and at various times through the season prizes are awarded based on league position, for example more distant members may win club shop vouchers or the players signed shirt, more local winners may win tickets for games and the fabulous sponsors evening which includes a meal with the players and officials of the club.

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