Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Mailing List work?

The mailing list is the backbone of WHOSH. Individual people send a message via `electronic mail', or email, which `bounces' back a copy to each and every member. By doing this, supporters over the world keep each other up to date with scores, match reports, transfer and injury news, general discussions and plenty of good humour!

There are two mailing lists, one which sends individual emails out as they arrive and one which sends emails out as a "digest" one per day. Instructions for subscribing can be found HERE. When you subscribe, you should then receive a welcome message from WHOSH. Moments later, your electronic mailbox will slowly begin to fill up!

A few days and several dozen messages later, you'll probably be thinking that it's high time you started joining in the conversation. Sending a message to the list is as easy as sending a message to an individual. Send your email to If all goes well, a few minutes later you'll get a copy of your message, as will every other member, simultaneously.

What are the rules about posting to the list?

There are a few guidelines you should follow when sending email to the whole mailing list:

Take a little time to make sure that your message is readable. Many computers have spellcheckers that can correct the typing mistakes that we all make. A small effort put into presentation will persuade more people to read your message.

If you're replying to a message it goes to the the whole list, not just sender of the message. Please cut down the quoted parts of the original message as much as possible.

Avoid using *excessive* bad language, it's not appropriate here. Don't slag off other members of the list simply because they have a different point of view. If you have a gripe with someone, fight it out with private email.

The list only exists because people contribute it - so we *strongly* encourage you to join in. This applies ESPECIALLY for people living in or around Luton - remember that the news you hear doesn't reach people in the USA, Norway and Australia unless YOU tell them!

Etiquette - football mailing lists live a perilous existence. WHOSH has been the subject of the odd attack from Internet football hooligans - abusive posts, mail-bombs, and so on. Don't get involved in it, it's not funny.

If you are the victim of abusive email, avoid the temptation to return fire. Tell them to stop; if they persist, report the matter to their postmaster (email and to yours ( Experience has shown that this is the quickest way to get someone off your back.

How do I get off the mailing list?

If for any reason you want to leave the mailing list, for example
- you're about to start a vacation,
- your current email address will soon become invalid,
- you've been a Watford spy and you can't stand it any longer :-)
instructions for unsubscribing can be found HERE.

PLEASE do this during vacations if your mailbox is likely to become full - it creates enormous problems when half the list is not receiving mail!

I’m not getting any mail. What’s happening?

If you stop receiving email from WHOSH, it's likely that you've been removed due to your site bouncing mail. Email the list administrator ( to ask what's going on, please do not email the entire list.

Who actually runs WHOSH?

The list is currently maintained by the list administrator ( and decisions are made by a Steering Committee.

How can I get more involved?

You are welcome to volunteer to join the Steering Committee. More details can be found here.


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