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This list is very much a list run for and by Luton fans; it has no official connection to Luton Town FC. The point of this disclaimer is to place full responsibility for messages which appear on the list squarely where it should be - with the sender.
When that is made clear, then Luton Town, this mailing list, and any institutions providing mail services can be assured that they are in no way implicated or associated with extremist, slanderous, or insulting views, which, regrettably, afflict most electronic mailing lists from time to time, and football-related lists in particular.
By posting to the list, you are accepting full responsibility for what you write.


This section formally asserts the rights of the sender of each post. If you want to use any message elsewhere for any reason, you must negotiate permission directly with the original sender. This includes holding messages on a web site, re-printing them in other publications - in fact, anything other than quoting them on the list (including the list digest and web digest) itself.
Most people are very happy when someone wants to use their work elsewhere, but it's basic courtesy to ask first. The formal copyright notice below gives the option of full legal redress to any sender who believes their work has been misused.

If things get serious.

All rights reserved. No part of any of the messages may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or any information storage or retrieval system without the prior permission of the authors, except insofar as is reasonably necessary for the purposes of electronic quotation and discussion arising on the mailing list. The rights of such authors is hereby asserted and shall be deemed to be protected without without the need of further notice or warning.

Should the name and or means of contacting the Copyright owner be unclear please contact the list administrator.

WHOSH Rules and Regulations

1. Definitions

i) WHOSH stands for Worldwide Hatters On the Super-Highway.

ii) The WHOSH Email List is any email list administered by WHOSH.

2. Aims of WHOSH

WHOSH seeks to promote Luton Town FC worldwide via the internet and to provide feedback to Luton Town FC over fan-related issues.

In particular, we seek to:
* Keep Luton Town FC supporters worldwide informed about events at the Club;
* Provide funds to Luton Town FC through player sponsorship etc;
* Encourage mixing of Luton Town FC supporters by, for example, supporting and helping run WHOSH FC;
* Ensure that WHOSH remains a free service.

3. Steering Committee

The Steering Committee consists of Officers and Other Members. All positions are volunteer roles and no payment will be made to any member for anything other than expenses as agreed by the Officers.

i) The Officers of WHOSH shall be the  Co-ordinator, Treasurer, Webmaster, List Administrator, Secretary, Club Liaison, and up to 11 Officers without Portfolio

a) The Co-ordinator oversees the operations of WHOSH and keeps the various projects moving forward. He/She organises any votes And the Request for Volunteers which takes place during the close season (see below).

b) The Treasurer looks after the WHOSH bank account and keeps an up-to-date balance sheet on the WHOSH WWW page as well as preparing an annual balance sheet which Is posted to the WHOSH Email List.

c) The Webmaster will keep the WHOSH page current in accordance with the wishes of the Officers of WHOSH, including keeping the balance sheet up-to-date in co-ordination with the Treasurer and linking to all other Luton Town FC related WWW sites.

d) The Secretary will be the named contact for people attempting to contact WHOSH both via email and conventional methods.

e) The Club Liaison Officer will attempt to foster relationships between Luton Town Football Club and WHOSH to the mutual benefit of both.

f) The List-Administrator will administer the email list in accordance with the wishesof the Officers of the Club.

ii) Any member of WHOSH can be a member of the Steering Committee, by registering their interest at the Request for Volunteers.

iii) The Request for Volunteers is held annually between Luton Town FC seasons by the Co-ordinator and those wishing to become an Officer of WHOSH should identify themselves at that time with both a proposer and a seconder who are both members of WHOSH. The Request for Volunteers will be open for one week.

iv) The Officers of WHOSH are elected (If necessary) by the members of WHOSH In elections run by a member of the Steering Committee (the Election Officer). The elections are to take place over 1 week and start within 1 day of the end of the Request for Volunteers. Hustings will take place over the WHOSH Email List and on the WHOSH WWW Page in a manner decided by the Election Officer.

v) Only the Officers of WHOSH can be signatories on the WHOSH bank account.

vi) Once elected, only the Officers of WHOSH have voting rights on matters discussed within the Steering Committee and the Co-ordinator has casting vote and organises the vote with appropriate time limits.

vii) As appropriate, some of the Officers without Porfolio may be designated posts but the total number of Officers will not exceed 18.

4. Membership of WHOSH

i) A person shall be deemed a member either upon application via email to the List-Administrator or via automatic subscription to the WHOSH Email List.

ii) Membership will be free and last for the duration of the member's subscription to the WHOSH Email List or until expelled from that List under one of the rules listed In Expulsions.

iii) The Email List is for Luton Town FC supporters.

iv) The List Administrator reserves the right to refuse or revoke membership. In particular, members whose email address consistently bounces will be removed the the WHOSH Email List.

5. Postings to WHOSH

i) Only members are allowed to post.

ii) The Officers of WHOSH do not accept responsibility for anything posted onto the WHOSH Email List. Responsibility lies solely with the poster of the article.

iii) All postings are copyright the poster but membership of WHOSH gives WHOSH the right to publish the postings on WHOSH Email Lists and WWW Page and anywhere else the Officers reasonably see fit.

iv) WHOSH reserves the right to cease a thread and to remove any message from our archives which the Officers feel breaches these rules.

6. Suspensions from WHOSH

i) Any member of WHOSH sending offensive, derogatory or libelous emails to any of the WHOSH Email Lists or to individual members of WHOSH or to an Email List of ANY other Club will be subject to disciplinary action as outlined below.

ii) Any member of WHOSH acting in a manner which bring WHOSH into disrepute with either the internet community or any non-internet groupings will be subject to disciplinary action as outlined below.

 iii) Complaints about postings made to WHOSH or the behaviour of any member of WHOSH, should be sent via email to All complaints will be treated in strictest confidence.

iv) On receipt of a complaint, the Steering Committee will then debate the issue and decide whether a caution is called for. In the event of disagreement, a vote will  be taken.

v) If the Steering Committee agree that a "caution" is warranted, the following action will be taken:

First offence = Written warning from the committee to the individual concerned.

Second Offence = Written warning from thecommittee to the individual concerned. Posting rights will be set as "moderated", which means that all postings to WHOSH from that individual will need to be approved by the Steering Committee before they go out to the list. If the individual behaves for 3 months, full posting rights will be reinstated.

Third offence = All posting rights will be removed. (But the individual will be allowed to stay on the list as "read only")

If a "second offender" passes the three month probation period, he will be returned to "first offender" status. This would mean that a subsequent offence would result in a further 3 months of "moderation" rather than a complete ban.

vi) In all cases, the Steering Committee's decision is final and membership of WHOSH is at their discrection.

7. Vote of No-Confidence

Upon receipt of 20 individual emails with names and phone numbers, the Co-ordinator is required to hold a WHOSH-wide Vote of No-Confidence in the Steering Committee. If such a vote is passed by over 50% of the members the Co-ordinator is required to run another Request for Volunteers followed by new elections as outlined above.

8. Change of Rules

These Rules can only be changed by a majority vote of the Officers.


© WHOSH 2012