Steering Committee

WHSTEER: The WHOSH Steering Committee

Don't be put off by the dreaded `C'-word! Whsteer is just a small group of volunteers who, between them, help to maintain and develop WHOSH.

Some reasons why organisation is needed

We handle money for player sponsorship
We arrange sponsorship of executives boxes
We act as a conduit for information from the Club
We make sure news from local papers is scanned in and posted
We make sure the mailing list has got a suitable home!
We maintain these WWW pages
We make sure that, whilst not censoring the mailings, no libelous, racist or derogatory discussions are allowed to continue, i.e. we aim to keep a high signal-to-noise ratio!

The aims of WHOSH:

To keep Luton fans everywhere up to date with news of LTFC
To represent Luton fans worldwide
To be a free, independent grouping bringing Luton fans together
To promote LTFC world-wide: getting new fans in and bringing old ones back

The aims of the Steering Committee:

To further the aims of WHOSH by acting as a focus of good ideas, and by efficiently dividing tasks between volunteers for the benefit of all members of WHOSH.
To maintain and improve the mailing list and web page
To be a responsible and accountable body for dealing with money (for player sponsorship, matchball sponsorship...)
To handle relations with outside bodies (eg LTFC, LTSC, Loyal Luton SC, other mailing lists, the press...)

The Committee was formed in May 1995 after a request for volunteers posted to the list. At the end of each season we ask for volunteers from the list to join the Committee. Currently, the Committee consists of the following motley crew:

St - List Administrator
Gareth Kitchener - Co-ordinator
Mark Austin - Treasurer
Ralph Highnam- the original founder of WHOSH
Rick Hooper - Sponsors’ League Organiser
Simon "Statto" Pitts - Club Liaison Officer
Martin Stanhope - Manager of WHOSH FC.
Jeremy Ley
Liam Madden
Simon Arnold
Bob Palin
Pauline Crump
David Potter

You can contact the Steering Committee by sending an email to

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